Becoming Affiliated with Crest Financial as a Customer


Main Endeavor

What sets Crest Financial apart from most leasing companies is their ability to provide credit-free services.
Since 2005, the company offers services, through retailers, in the following sectors:

Practical appliancs
Automotive vehicles
Medical devices and power tools
Bicycles and additional fitness equipment

As a customer, it is important to pay close attention when completing the application process. To begin the process, please refer to the following web page.

Pre-requisites for financial approval

Before getting approved, all customers are required to satisfy the conditions of the following criteria:

  • Must obtain a checking and/or savings account (debit).
  • Net income must be at least $1000 per month and able to be verified.
  • Have an SSN or TTIN number, under their own name.

No-one is eligible to receive services if they don’t fulfill the requirements. This process is created for the sole purpose of screening out bad applicants.

Online Application

The online application can be found here. Fill out any personal information such as identification, employment, and home information. In addition, ensure that any banking information entered is up to date and accurate. After everything is filled out, all customers have to agree to the terms and conditions of the company before submitting the financial draft.

Waiting Period

Once the application is submitted, customers generally receive a fast response. An individual who successfully completes the application and fulfills the pre-requisites are generally approved within minutes. On the other hand, those that were not approved may be required to submit additional documents or they’re not eligible due to their financial history.

What to expect Next as an Official Customer

After getting approved from Crest Financial, all of their services will be available to users, where they can search for several retailers at their time of convenience.

Contact Information

  • Email Adresss:
  • Cell Phone: 855-55CREST (855-552-7378)
  • Fax: 855-90CREST (855-902-7378)

Live chat is available on the Weekdays (7am – 8pm MST) and Saturday (9am – 5pm MST)

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