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What Medical Transcription Service Organizations Do

Are MTs still in high demand? Definitely. In fact, doctors are in dire need of well-trained MTs who are able to produce more accurate transcripts than speech recognition software. It doesn’t matter how the local job market is doing, because 90% of Career Step graduates telecommute for entry-level positions. Medical Transcription Service Organizations ensure successful […]

How to Design A Great Website


Website design is one of the best paid and in-demand professions in the world of today. Courses are available at all the major universities and colleges, but it must be acknowledged that web design is more of an art than a science: The job of the designer is to apply his or her knowledge of […]

Finding An SEO Expert For Your Company


In today‚Äôs business market, no matter what specific industry you are working in, there are a few facets of creating a successful company that will remain true. Among these, the most important common denominator among businesses is the fact that online advertising and marketing is essential. Realistically, success in business has to involve creating a […]

Starting An IT Business

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Anyone that is interested in starting up an IT business has a couple of things to consider. People that are serious about this type of endeavor must decide what they will specialize in and how many people will be needed. A good thing that an IT professional will want to do is get a computer […]

Great Ways To Get Your Business Known In The Community

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Several centuries ago, in many countries, the support of the community was one of the most important things for a business to gain. Not much has changed, although it is sometimes tougher today to market against competitors who realize this and attempt to market against you. One of the first steps in marketing success is […]

Consumer Research

Having a background in psychology I possess great respect for the tools and methods clinicians have developed to infer people’s underlying motives, attitudes and intentions. As a consumer researcher I use some of these tools to obtain valuable insights about brands, products and services. One popular group of tools spanning the clinical and consumer research […]