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Improving Brand Recognition


Brand recognition is important for every company. It helps businesses to be more visible and all of their products and services to be easily recognizable. People tend to stick to what’s familiar and this includes where they go to buy things. Being more familiar and visible than your competitors is quite often all you need […]

What Can a Concierge Service Do?

Many of the luxury hotels around the world provide a concierge service to their guests. This is a person that will provide services to guests from getting them a pillow to sleep on filled with water or foam to bringing milk and cookies to their children at bedtime. They provide a wide variety of services […]

Keeping Employees Happy

There are many ways to cut costs in business, but skimping on employee benefits is a bad idea. Ultimately, the best job candidates expect the very best benefits package possible, and you will lose them to your competitors if you can’t keep up. Los Angeles CA Employee Benefits can help your business decide what benefits […]

WOM Advertising


Word of mouth advertising is one of the cheapest and most effective ways that a company can market itself. Using current customers to help build a larger customer base is a great way to grow a company. Word of mouth advertising takes time and patience to get right. Customers often complain about a company more […]

Find Your Competitive Edge and Sell It

There are no corners safe from competition. Playing the field is one thing, managing to stay in it is another. The traditional selling approach of presenting features and benefits are no longer effective. So, how do you keep generating sales?What a company or business must do in order to keep up in the game is […]