Different Investment Vehicles

Countless are the ways that you can choose to investment your money. Each one is unique in its design, purpose, advantages, and pitfalls. And, chances are, there’s at least one one that’s a lot better of a fit for your own personal needs than all of the others.


The stock market is arguably the most talked-about, and preeminent, of all the investment vehicles. You can start with as little or as much money as you want. You can buy just once and watch your investments appreciate, or you can routinely buy in to add to your portfolio. Traditionally, an investor would have to go through a broker, brokerage firm, or brokerage service offered by their bank or credit union to buy stocks, but it’s easier now than ever to sign up for an e-brokerage service and make all your own trading decisions.

Of all the investment vehicles, you can make the most money on the stock market, if you are lucky. It also carries one of the higher risk levels that you will not make money, or maybe even lose some. So stock investing should be approached with caution and only following adequate research. Money and Markets Stock Investment is one great resource some awesome beginner’s info about how to invest safely.

A 401K

If your current employer offers a 401k retirement investment package, you should without a doubt opt to pay into it. Many employers these days even offer matching programs, which will substantially boost your account’s working funds, much more so than if you’d opened up a similar account on your own. Rarely do these types of funds not appreciate significantly over the course of their maturation. They are markedly “low-risk.”


Annuities are one of the more low-risk methods of investing. (Most institutions you go through will have a guaranteed minimum rate of return, and minimum interest rates, so you can be sure you will always be making money at some rate.) Interest compounds in annuities at a much faster rate than other vehicles, because interest is tax-exempt until withdrawal.

Certificates of Deposit or “CDs”

The great thing about CDs is that the rate of return is guaranteed. You’ll put your money in them knowing exactly how much you’ll have when you withdraw. And, what’s more, they’re FDIC insured, so you don’t have to constantly fret about the looming possibility of instant worldwide financial meltdown ruining all your investments!

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