Getting Your Mobile App To Users

Congratulations on the approaching eve of launching your revolutionary new App. You do know how to get it to the users most likely to download and use it, right? After all you’ve invested in developing the best App going to drive your business or service, do not let it become sunken treasure in the sea of misplaced apps. The experts at are focused 100% on mobile apps. Let them help promote yours to the best app publishers for it and the best users for your business.

The best developed App is practically invisible without native advertising and marketing to the relevant user. The golden rule of marketing comes down to this: What people cannot see, they cannot buy. There is,of course, a myriad of crucial operations necessary in getting users to download and keep using your App long-term. Perhaps you have a strong customer base ready to keep your App quite busy. How are you going to get it into the hands of new users who can grow your business? How can you push your communication to them in the forefront of their attention? How will you implement changes to your App as needed?

The youAppi system introduces more capabilities than just a system that automatically matches consumers to the apps most relevant to them. Besides fine-tuning of your target user base and monitoring of consumers’ behaviors in real time, they offer brand protection and scheduled campaigns. The latter of these features lets you target, for example, maximum distribution to all countries at the same time, or target one at a time in country-specific distribution.

One of the capabilities sure to be frequently used is managed push notifications. How convenient would it be to see, without having to actually open an app, something like the home team’s score or an event occurring on your Linked-in page? How valuable would it be to send all of your clients or customers a timely notice in mass? For example, maybe you can pass along a limited availability of a previously sold-out product because your supplier found an alternate source for you. Push notifications work kind of the way a text message makes a sound and then appears on your screen. What would be faster than pushing to the front of their screens your notice to clients of an important announcement? With this capability, notices can be seen on locked screens of some mobile devices as well.

Using youAppi to add App recommendations to your content is quick and easy. Online registration begins with choosing what your users will see. If you want to give them personalized, content-related App recommendations that are displayed embedded with your content, choose the SmartAPP. Choose SmartSTORE to have the latest, best apps hand-picked for your readers featured in a store on your site or app. The next step is to tell them how to find you by entering your Site URL or App name, your name, and email address. With one more click you can request the Widget and be on your way.

How much does an App system like this cost? youAppi is zero cost per install for every install done through the recommendation widget. Getting YOUR users to install and use your app means no more waste on users who do not need your product. The costs of not using a one-stop App system like youAppi would be like lost treasure in terms of lost opportunities. Download the widget, A sea of congratulations certainly will be in order on the smart, successful launch of your new App with many happy returns!

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