How Does Internet Credit Card Processing Stay Safe?

Using the Internet to make purchases is very convenient. Indeed, individuals can purchase just about anything using the Internet. Many online purchases are made with a credit card or debit card using merchant credit card processing. Although it is very convenient, many people are still wary about purchasing anything online. Many are afraid that someone will be able to steal their credit card information, or worse, their entire identity. So just how safe is Internet credit card processing?

Many online merchants are aware of the multiple online credit card thefts in previous years. Today, they are attempting to stay one step ahead of online hackers that would steal credit card information by using a system called Secure Socket Layer, or SSL. This system turns the buyer’s information, including his credit card information, into an encryption, or an indecipherable code, until it reaches its destination. Anyone trying to read the information while it is on its way to its destination would simply see nonsensical items. For anyone shopping online, it is important to make sure that the merchant uses SSL for all transactions involving a credit card.

Another way merchants are attempting to keep credit card processing safe online is by always asking for the verification code located on the back of the credit card. This is to insure that the person making the transaction actually has the card in his hand, and has not just stolen the information on the front of the card. However, if the credit card has been stolen, many online companies make sure that the billing address matches the address for the credit card. This is to help make sure someone else is not using the card fraudulently.

Another safety measure many online merchants are implementing is having the cardholders sensitive information go to a database instead of on each employee’s computer. Using this method helps insure that no employee will become privy to the customer’s sensitive information.

Online merchants are making great strides in keeping credit card processing safe. They are trying to stay ahead of online hackers that would attempt to steal a consumer’s credit card information. However, no system can be 100% secure. Even using a credit card in a real store can be dangerous. If an individual wants to do his shopping online, it is important for him to check out reviews on the particular merchant. If there are many negative reviews, it may be better to look at another online merchant with better credentials. It is also important to be sure the merchant has the proper security measures in place, such as SSL and asking for a verification code. Using a little common sense and understanding online shopping can make for many happy online shopping transactions.

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