How to Gain and Keep Twitter Followers for Your Business

Today, more than anything else, businesses want to know how to get more followers on social networks, particularly twitter. While they managed to amass huge numbers of fans on Facebook, Twitter continues to elude them, and they can’t really figure out why. What they don’t realize is that they can use their existing social capital to gain followers on any network, including Twitter. Getting that initial foothold is difficult, but keeping that foothold is the hardest part so get help fromĀ OrangeSoda social media marketing.

Put quite simply, people expect something completely different from a twitter follow than they expect from being a fan of something on Facebook. As most companies have learned by now, quite often someone will just fan their page for no reason at all other than the fact that they somewhat enjoy the product that the company sells. Conversely, on Twitter, that same user expects to receive something in return for their follow, some sort of content.

Perhaps the quickest way to gain followers for companies that already have a facebook presence is to encourage users who have already become a fan to follow on Twitter. This doesn’t only work on Facebook though, and is an equally valid strategy on other social networks like Pinterest or anything else that might show up over the years. Of course, at this point the difficulty is retaining the people that are following the company on Twitter.

Unlike Facebook, where you can easily provide valuable content in the form of long posts for users to read, Twitter has a 140 character limit, which makes personal and meaningful interactions far more difficult, and retention even harder. If you just constantly post links with no content, people will unfollow you. If you post irregularly, people will see the one post, wonder why they’re still following you, and then unfollow.

Thus, there are two keys to getting Twitter followers and keeping them. You need to keep some sort of schedule, and this schedule needs to involve posting updates constantly. Even more importantly, it needs to be content that is relevant to your follower’s everyday lives. Don’t think coupons for your products, instead think of image memes and stories about your products. Don’t just sell to the consumer on Twitter, engage them and keep them engaged as long as you possibly can.

By far, the most important thing to realize is that the more followers you have, the more you will get. The number of followers you have in any form of social media dictates your standing in that environment, and having enough followers seems to guarantee you even more.

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