Improving Your SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the backbone of many people’s website traffic. A simple tool that increases the number of people who visit a website, it’s important to have the best SEO possible in order to get as big a share of the traffic as one can.

How Does SEO Work?

Local Search engine optimization is a fairly simple process. When someone types search terms into a search engine, the engine then crawls over thousands, if not millions, of websites looking for sites that match the terms. The search engine then runs an algorithm and compares each website against the qualifications the search engine has for what constitutes a “good” website. It then ranks the results from best to worst. SEO is simply nothing more than ensuring a given website meets all of the watermarks of what a search engine would consider a good site, and thus one it would rank more highly.

What do Search Engines Look For?

Search engines look for a variety of things when it comes to granting a site high rank. First and foremost, it looks for keywords. So if a search was for “hibiscus gardening tips”, then an article with that exact title would be given a higher place in the results. In addition to keywords though, the search engine also looks at how many backlinks a given site or article has (how many times it’s been linked on other, non-related pages). A search engine also looks at the existing traffic a website receives, so popularity is definitely a factor. If even a single facet on the list is improved, then it’s very likely the website’s standing on the search results will go up as well.

Don’t Overdo It

In the past it was acceptable, even encouraged, for website owners to hit every, single avenue to optimize websites until there was no possible way to increase their SEO. Google, and other search engines since, have stepped back from that kind of behavior. A site which has too much SEO may be seen and filed as spam, and therefore eliminated from the search results. So it’s important to check regularly to see if a website has been deemed as going too far, and to fix the situation.

Good Content Always Beats Clever Manipulation

While it’s important to have good keywords, a lot of backlinks and a high traffic count, the thing that is most important is to have good, actionable and evergreen content. Google has emphasized over and over again that it’s important for website owners to create good content first, and to optimize it second. If a website owner is overly focused on getting the details of the optimization correct, then quality might slip.

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