Keeping Employees Happy

There are many ways to cut costs in business, but skimping on employee benefits is a bad idea. Ultimately, the best job candidates expect the very best benefits package possible, and you will lose them to your competitors if you can’t keep up. Los Angeles CA Employee Benefits can help your business decide what benefits packages to offer to retain and attract the very top employees for your industry.

The retirement plan is something that will benefit both the employee and the company. Tax benefits abound! This is absolutely critical to offer if you want to remain competitive. Look at what you can do as far as matching contributions too.

The standard bare bones package that most every company offers includes sick days, two weeks vacation, and medical insurance. Many companies offer a structured system of vacation days equivalent to years of service. For instance, after three years, employees may be eligible for a total of three weeks of vacation annually. Companies may offer dental, life, and vision insurance.

Other perks to look at offering include gym memberships, free parking, an expense account for petty cash items such as client lunches, and cell phone reimbursements. If your employees are expected to respond to emails at all hours, you better be looking at reimbursing their data package at least!

Many positions can benefit from flex time or from commuting part time. If you understand that keeping your employees happy will make them more productive, you will be successful as a business owner. Your employees are your greatest asset, and you should view them as such. Don’t wear them out until they are so ragged from overuse that they are suffering from sleepless nights, and gaining weight from not having enough time to make it to the gym.

The better quality of life you can ensure for your employees will only ensure that you have an engaged employee who is loyal to making you money. Most employees are motivated by financial success and engaging in rewarding projects. Employees also seek autonomy in their daily schedules. Some may want to lead a team. Pay attention to the unique talents of your employees, and you can offer them benefits to match their skill sets that are very different from anything related to insurance and retirement. Ultimately, the best benefit to doing a job is how it makes you feel about yourself.

If you are working to build an environment where people are encouraged to develop their own talents in a way that matches the company’s goals, you will have a mutually beneficial environment that can grow and succeed together for many years.

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