Let a Social Media Agency Make Your Business Famous

i9Is your business making the most of its Facebook Fan Page? Does it even have a Facebook Fan Page? How about a YouTube channel? How often do you tweet? How many followers do you have on Instagram and Pinterest?

All studies and surveys show that social media sites drive incredible amounts of traffic. Nor do social media campaigns replace Search Engine Optimization. They’re actually part of an SEO strategy, because Google likes social engagement and therefore rewards sites with high amounts of it.

So Why Isn’t Every Business Active on All Social Sites?

They work, but many businesses are being left behind because they are too small to hire full-time, experienced staff members to manage full-scale social media campaigns across all the major platforms. Many employees are active on social media, but that’s not the same as knowing how to use it to send prospects to a business website. For many businesses, the solution is to hire a social media agency to perform the work.

The Business has Responsibilities to the Agency

But the business must understand it’s their responsibility to inform the agency about their brand and products. Agency reps can’t properly present your company’s vision if its never been explained to them. The same with news that should go out on Facebook on Twitter. The company must manage their overall brand and product message so it’s coordinated across all channels. This includes more traditional marketing such as the content of their website and the emails and press releases as well as social media sites.

What Does the Agency Do?

Write content for blogs. To be optimized, this requires a content marketing strategist to work with the company to discover what the business’s prospects need and want to know. What kinds of information are they searching for online? The agency’s content marketing can help to optimize keyword targeting, but the business needs to understand their customers and prospects. There’s no reason to waste time with content that attracts people outside the business’s target market.

Create and schedule social media posts. Facebook Fan Pages require content, and lots of it. The business must supply the agency with content, relevant images and guidance for what kinds of outside content will attract their target market.

Run Pay Per Click ads. This is especially true on Facebook, and the social media agency must build the business’s Fan Page followers, and improve their engagement.

Answer inquiries and objections. They may carry on public conversations on Twitter and Facebook with people needing more information or raising objections. Therefore, the agency needs to understand the company, and to speak for it.

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