Niche Business Ideas That Trigger Extra Sales

Getting extra sales
Takes an eye for detail,
Plus knowing how to prepare
And showing you care
Can increase your profits full scale.

As the cost of attracting a customer skyrockets, here’s the new reality. Few small businesses can survive on just one sale from a customer anymore.

In fact, allowing too many customers to walk away with just one purchase can quietly bankrupt many small businesses now.

Whether you call it an upsell, a back-end sale or an impulse sale – they’re the backbone of today’s profitable small businesses.

That’s why fast food companies do it when they ask if you want fries with your shake. Car dealers do it when they offer undercoating, satellite radio or sport tires. Supermarkets even do it by placing tempting goodies at the check out counter.

Doing what it takes to snag that important extra sale, while your customer is in a buying mood is essential.

I shudder to think how many struggling small businesses allow extra sale opportunities to slip through their fingers everyday.

The Danger Of Ignoring The Extra Sale

Ignoring extra sale opportunities is not only a disservice to your customer but to your bottom line. After all, it cost five to seven times more to get a new customer than it does to keep an old one.

So, imagine a hot customer standing in front of you or your website. Are you sure you’ve been doing all you can to get additional sales? If not, you’re leaving cash on the table, plus flushing potential profits down the toilet.

Keep reading and discover simple, long-term solutions to triggering extra sales most small business owners miss.

It’s shocking how many small businesses miss tons of opportunities each day. Here’s why?…

1. They use outdated methods that’s not only ineffective but alienating or irritating to customers!

2. They take the right actions at the wrong time, making them seem pushy, pesky or high pressure. Result? They destroy the atmosphere for an additional sale to take place!

3. They don’t ask for or expect another sale to happen!

3 Ways To Get The Extra Sale Without
Seeming Pushy, Pesky or High Pressure

Step 1… Surprise Your Customer By Exceeding Their Expectations On Your Initial Sale…

… 1. With Your Product or Service:
Make sure your product or service over delivers on the promises you made in your ad, offer or sales presentation!

… 2. Give Extra Value:
Provide a benefit, advantage or service your competitors don’t offer!

… 3. Rock at “After-the-Sale” Follow-Up:
Here’s where you get another chance to exceed your customers expectations. Here’s the good news.

It’s amazing how far a simple phone call or email, asking your customer how they liked your product or service, can take you. Try it. Because so few, if any, of your competitors will do this – you’ll instantly stand out.

Step 2… Show Your Prospects and Customers You Get Them.
Here’s how…

… By anticipating there needs “before” they ask. Think about it, your wife or girlfriend loves it when you anticipate their needs (am I right ladies?) – and so do your customers.

The best way to do this is to…

Know Thy Customer!

Yes, the best “low stress” way to get another sale starts with knowing your customer inside and out.

If you don’t know at least 20 things about your target customer, you don’t know enough. So, sit down and create a list of characteristics and habits you know about your target customer.

If I said, “tell me about your target customer?” You should be able to list at least 20 things.

This exercise is valuable to anyone who does it. Here’s why…

1. It helps you anticipate and choose the best products and services to trigger an extra
2. You’ll be better equipped to recommend products and services that meet your customers “most pressing” need.
3. You’ll pay closer attention to your target customers changing habits, needs and wants.

Step 3… Don’t Skip Steps!

If you followed the first 2 steps this third step, closing the sale, will go smoother and get better results. Here’s the top 3 mistakes most small business owners make.

#1 They don’t do things in the proper order to encourage an extra sale. 
#2 They fail to make their offer irresistible enough to trigger an extra sale.
#3 They try to apply Step 3 before completing Step 1 and 2.

Most marketers dive in for the close too soon. For example, before they’ve set the stage properly.

Insider Secret Revealed

If you go to step 3 before completing the first two steps, you’ll risk seeming pushy, pesky or high pressure. Not a good look if you’re trying to encourage an additional sale.

By following these road-tested secrets, you’ll find yourself suddenly attracting the extra sales you’ve never had before. But don’t stop there. Continue searching, testing and trying new ways. I’d be interested to know what ideas have worked for you in getting extra sales.


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