Three Tips to Successfully Set Up a New Office

When we first opened our business office, we had three close associates that came in with us. Having a team at the start was very helpful with decision making and division of labor. Our initial office philosophy was that we all provided an equally important contribution to the business so completing our first order of business was a snap, setting up the physical office. We contacted a realtor to search out a location, price range and the square footage we needed for a nice reception area, four offices and a break room/copy machine equipment room. We all needed an office with file storage, office equipment and furniture, a phone and some moderate décor. Highest priority was a semi-formal reception area with some amenities that would make clients feel at ease and maybe a bit impressed when they walked in, as well as comfortable if they had to be seated before an appointment. Since we all felt equally committed to the success of our business, we agreed to keep the cost of our office spaces considerably lower than the reception area.

Our business manager, Josh P., offered to set up an office budget. We started off monthly, estimating operating costs for six months, to be reviewed in three months. Colleen, office manager, decided that since we each had some kind of personal experience with refinishing furniture, painting, sewing and/or yard-sale hunting, we should focus on using recycled furniture and office décor. It had to be tastefully coordinated and moderately formal so we decided on stain and varnish instead of paint, muted color schemes in fabrics and lighting that could be adjusted from soft to very bright for variety in work environment.

With the money we saved re-cycling office furniture and doing the décor ourselves, we remained inside budget enough to purchase new computers, hardware and software. We purchased new furniture for the reception area and the only thing in the break room not re-cycled from yard sales was the gigantic copy machine.

As time passed, the magic of advertising, phone calling, flyers and special events helped our business flourish and quickly grow. Recently, several team additions created a squeeze of too many people functioning in a once ample office space. It was time to find larger office accommodations. Of coarse this meant more offices and a whole different floor plan.

I found an incredible office furniture store called “New Life Office”. During our staff meeting I explained that this store remanufactured modular workstations with new fabrics and finishes using 100 percent recycled materials and low VOC paints. This brought back memories of opening our first office. The team was impressed by the dedication “New Life Office” had for recycling and re-purposing everything from paper products to steel. “New Life Office” has a compete understanding of the green movement and contributing to the sustainability of our environment. I went online and set up our complete office furniture order at:

So here you have it:

  • Call the realtor
  • Set up a budget
  • Go to:


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