What Can a Concierge Service Do?

Many of the luxury hotels around the world provide a concierge service to their guests. This is a person that will provide services to guests from getting them a pillow to sleep on filled with water or foam to bringing milk and cookies to their children at bedtime. They provide a wide variety of services designed to make the guest experience pleasant and memorable.

Concierge Services provide any service that the guest requests that is legal and satisfy their needs. When you want to arrange a bus tour or get the best tickets the concierge will do this for you. They can give you a map if you want to drive yourself to a location or arrange for transportation, overnight stays, and a gourmet meals.

Some hotels allow pets to stay in the room so they proved an organic bed for the dog, food, and water bowl. They cater services to pet owners providing collars, leashes, and toys for your dog. In some hotels concierge services help with planning an engagement from the romantic restaurant to the hotel room. Some specialize in helping guests with choosing the right wine, beer, or food with meals. These are some services that a Concierge in a hotel will provide.

Many businesses and individuals hire these services to help with personal matters. They can do many tasks like shopping, pick up dry cleaning, or your kids from school. This allows you to spend more time at work or with family. Many obtain special tickets to sporting event and concerts that are hard to get. They arrange transporatation for trips and book the best hotels for you to stay at.

When you stay at a hotel they can recommend restaurants and even get reservations for your party. They can be personal shoppers for you picking up a dress, suit, or shoes when you need them. Don’t have time to go grocery shopping they will do the shopping for you on a weekly or even monthly basis.

Their role is diverse and many specialize in unique areas like food wine, beer, or travel. Some will house sit your pet or wait for someone to repair your TV when you are not home. Some deliver meals to offices or workers at the hospital. When your sick if yo they can arrange meals to be delivered and run errands.

Some plan meetings for groups and association, book appointments for you, or arrange a vacation. They have many different roles which makes them a valuable service for anyone that needs extra assistance with tasks that they don’t have time for.

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