WOM Advertising

Word of mouth advertising is one of the cheapest and most effective ways that a company can market itself. Using current customers to help build a larger customer base is a great way to grow a company. Word of mouth advertising takes time and patience to get right. Customers often complain about a company more than they share it with others, unless the business has something special to offer. Businesses that have outstanding customer service, offer specialized skills, or that customize products and services can bring in a lot of new customers through word of mouth advertising in local search marketing.
Word of mouth campaigns can be started by offering customers a great deal on a regular basis. For instance, grocery stores that offer boxes of meat for one price might offer to change out meat that a family does not like for something that they do like, as part of good customer service. This allows all families to take advantage of the meat deal without worrying about what to do with meat they do not want like chicken or pork.
Other ways that companies can offer great deals that spread fast through word of mouth advertising are through home deliveries for local residents. A lot of auto parts stores, appliance rental companies, and furniture stores offer free delivery within a particular radius from the store’s location. Offering free delivery in a local area offers more opportunities for word of mouth advertising. This creates a “buzz” about the company and opens more opportunities for locals to share the company name with family and friends.
Local search marketing can be tricky depending on where one is trying to market. Smaller towns and cities often spread more through word of mouth advertising than larger cities. Businesses in larger cities use word of mouth advertising campaigns but they are designed for particular neighborhoods or smaller suburbs. Small towns and cities often have little to do in the way of fun and entertainment. Gossiping about local businesses and residents is a common practice in smaller towns.
Taking advantage of local search marketing by designing ways to make people talk about one’s business is a great way to start a word of mouth campaign that will bring in a lot of customers. The key is to keep the campaign positive, make sure to meet all customer needs and exceed them, and have plenty of staff ready to help. Making sure that customers do not have to wait, are helped right away, and find more than they are looking for is a great way to make word of mouth advertising work for one’s company. Using this free resource is an important part of local marketing campaigns.

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